Marriott Staff are At Your Service

Marriott Staff are At Your Service

Marriott Niagara Falls employs over 500 people across multiple hotel, restaurant, and spa properties.

Skilled and Passionate Staff

Many of our employees are third and fourth generation residents of Niagara Falls, travel is a family affair. Niagara residents have trained at top culinary institutes, accredited RMT programs, and the best business schools in North America. Let our staff demonstrate their skills and passion for your events, vacation, or luxury dining experience.

We're Speaking Your Language

The global focus of the Marriott Hotel chain works very well with the multicultural mix in Canada - and makes Niagara Falls a global destination for guests speaking any major language. Over twenty different languages on-site depending on the staff available during your stay. Most guests have a comfortable knowledge of the English language, and we only have to demonstrate our multi-lingual capabilites for large international groups. Members of our staff can speak French, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Italian, and more. The only language that we can guarantee that our staff cannot speak is Klingon.