McDonalds Monopoly Niagara Falls Piece

McDonalds Monopoly Niagara Falls Piece

Updated: 2016 McDonald's Coast to Coast Monopoly once again includes a Niagara Falls piece.

The 2016 version of the Niagara Falls Monopoly piece takes the place of Park Place on the Monopoly board, in the blue colour category.

The 2016 piece is numbered #722.

2016 McDonalds Monopoly Piece Niagara Falls #722

Previous McDonalds Monopoly Campaigns & History

McDonald’s Monopoly 2015 recently began in Canada, and this year Niagara Falls is a featured piece.

Monopoly Coast to Coast 2015

This collaboration between McDonald’s and Hasbro, producer of Monopoly one of the most popular board games, is on in full swing with Monopoly Coast to Coast. There are over 14 million prizes up for grabs between mid-October and mid-November, 2015, and owning a McDonalds Monopoly Niagara Falls piece can lead to the top prize on the board, $10,000 in cash.

McDonald’s Monopoly History

McDonald’s Monopoly has been around since 1987 at local McDonald’s restaurants in the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Australia, Switzerland and a few other countries. At that time, the rules were printed and inserted with the board game. People would get one game piece with two stamps per visit to McDonald’s, some of which were instant winner pieces while others were board game pieces that you could place on your game. Prizes ranged from 100 dollars to 1 million dollars. Sweepstakes included dream homes, vacations, a Lincoln Town Car and several other things. The number of prizes further increased in the 1990's and included IBM Computers, NBA tickets and a Chevy Tahoe car. In 2001, winners were given three choices for getting their prize of $1 million – as diamonds, gold or receiving for 20 years a sum of $50,000 per year.

2015 McDonald’s Monopoly and Niagara Falls

McDonalds Niagara Falls Monopoly

For the first time ever, there is homage to Niagara Falls, as piece #622 is a Niagara Falls piece, representing the Blue Park Place spot on a Monopoly board.

The piece and its location on the board represent the special nature of Niagara Falls, one of most desirable places to visit in the entire world.

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