Natural Adventures in Niagara Falls

Natural Adventures in Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is a global travel destination because of its natural beauty, and travelers looking to experience raw nature attractions have plenty of things to do in Niagara Falls. Nearly all of these attractions are great outdoor picnic destinations, an affordable option for families or a romantic option for couples. No basket? no problem, all of these venues are a short distance away from amazing restaurants and affordable kiosks. Start your adventure with a breakfast at the Niagara Falls Marriott Hotel.

Gardens and Jungles with Niagara Parks
The Botanical Gardens have always been host to beautiful local plants and over the last two decades have featured more tropical plants in their public greenhouse. If you were looking for a place to smell the roses, this year-round attraction is waiting. The Botanical Gardens is an excellent destination for photographers and is among the closest to Niagara Falls. Just walk south of the Falls while in the Parkland.

Animal Instincts of Safari Niagara
Safari Niagara is the farthest major natural attraction from Niagara Falls and is only open in the warmer months as an outdoor attraction. Safari Niagara is huge though, it is the only permanent attraction in Niagara that features Giraffes, Tigers, Apes, and Raptors. It is also home to a large outdoor music venue and a riding 'safari' tour. Bring your cameras, as this is another photographers paradise.

Aquatic Attractions in Niagara Falls
For those that prefer to see creatures behind a thick layer of glass, there are multiple marine sanctuaries in Niagara Falls. One of those attractions is a short distance from the Niagara Falls Marriott Hotels. If you want to get close to the fish and terrapin (aka turtles) then you have to go to Dufferin Islands. You can see them in an outdoor marine habitat where they come and go as they please from the same aquatic ecosystem as Niagara Falls. Dufferin Islands is a short walk south of Niagara Falls guests can find the Dufferin Islands just past the Botanical Gardens.

Beautiful Bugs at the Butterfly Conservatory
Another excellent Niagara Parks attraction the Butterfly Conservatory is situated roughly a couple kilometers north of Niagara Falls. The Butterfly Conservatory is the first Omni-attraction featuring animals and sprawling gardens outside of their etymologist's palace. Like the other major attractions, it will take the better part of the day to complete your adventure here. No maps needed, guests can ride there with ease by following the water north from Niagara Falls. The People Mover Public Transit system rides to the Butterfly Sanctuary.

This is a week worth of healthy and natural vacation options. No cars are needed to get to the attractions in Niagara Falls from the Marriott Hotel, in case you'd prefer to drive our valet services are open year round. If you'd like to learn more visit our attractions page