Niagara Falls Fireworks Photography Tips

Niagara Falls Fireworks Photography Tips

Fireworks displays like the ones frequently seen at Niagara Falls are a sight best experienced first-hand, finding a vantage point on the riverbank, Fallsview Room or on a ferry in the middle of the river to look up and see the colourful displays bloom. You’ll want to take a moment during the display to take a photographic, a memory of the enjoyment and time spent watching the fireworks. But oddly enough, it isn't easy to take a good shot. In this brief article we’ll show you how to take a photo of Niagara Falls Fireworks show.

Taking Great Niagara Falls Fireworks Photos

Niagara Falls Fireworks
Niagara Falls Fireworks

The technology behind cameras has made previously difficult shots easier to capture, through either auto-adjustment or more refined user settings, but a quick point-and-shoot may not be the way to go with a photo like this. Phone cameras can have a difficult time with dramatic light changes, but are still usable for Fireworks photography if you change a few settings.

However, SLR camera are ideal, provided the settings are correct. If your placement allows for it, it’s a good idea to bringing a tripod as well – the steadier the cam, the clearer the shot.
Regardless of SLR or iPhone/Android Camera’s, you can still capture amazing Niagara Falls Fireworks pictures.

Fireworks Photography Camera Settings

Fireworks Photography
Fireworks Photography Tips

You might have a camera with a ‘fireworks’ setting, which makes set-up a lot easier. But if that’s not an option, there are a few basic settings that should help:

  • Auto-focus isn't your friend in low light. Turn off auto-focus if you can, considering that the fireworks are your subject.
  • Increase your aperture (lens opening). Depending on your device, aim for a minimum of F 6 or greater.
  • Turn off flash, and any image stabilisation functions if you’re on a tripod.

If you have experience, you might even want to try holding the shutter open to capture the full bloom of a single display. A tripod is needed for this shutter trick.

Above all else, experiment. Even expert photographers will debate the exact ideal settings for capturing fireworks. With just the right touches, you might get the perfect photo.

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