Niagara Falls Floral Clock

Niagara Falls Floral Clock

A timeless attraction (dating back to 1950), the Niagara Floral Clock is one of the world’s largest. This free attraction is rated as of the 10 Best Attractions in Niagara Falls by USA Today.

Niagara Floral Clock Details

  • The clock, changes designs twice per year; during the spring and once again in the summer.
  • Typically featuring more than 20,000 plants
  • The surface area of the clock is 40 feet in diameter
  • An oval pool sits at its base, containing lilly pads and goldfish
  • The clock mechanism itself weights over 1000 pounds and is powered by a two horsepower motor
  • Westminister chimes are played every quarter hour
  • The Stone tower located directly behind the clock houses a variety of supplies and chimes. It stands 24 feet in height

Free Niagara Falls Attraction

There is no admission charge for this natural attraction. Across the street is another free attraction, the Centennial Lilac Garden. The garden features over 1200 individual shrubs, in over 250 different varieties.


The Floral clock is located 11 km from the Marriott Fallsview. It’s a simple drive, as guests can head down Fallsview Boulevard, make a right at Murray and then take the beautiful Niagara Parkway the remainder of the way until they reach 14004 Niagara Parkway. It’s a scenic and relaxing drive that we highly recommend.

Niagara Falls Floral Clock Official Opens with a full display on May 2nd for the 2015 season.