Niagara Falls Illumination Lights Upgraded

Niagara Falls Illumination Lights Upgraded

Niagara Falls is all set to shimmer and shine like never before. The illumination of the gorgeous waterfalls will get a facelift as a new project using LED technology is nearing completion. The Horseshoe Falls in Canada as well as the American Falls in the US will benefit greatly from this system.

$4 Million Niagara Falls Illumination Upgrade

Helmed by the Niagara Falls Illumination Board, the $4 million project began in September. In fact, the illumination work for the American Falls is complete with lights installed on the lower gorge. The illumination tower alongside Queen Victoria Place will project light on the Horseshoe Falls and work here is expected to be completed soon. The effect of the new lighting will be immense as it uses 100 panels of LED lights which will double the lighting from its present capacity. Additionally, a new spectrum of colours of every hue will cast a magical effect on the falls. Besides this, new lights will also be installed at Table Rock and they will project light on the crescent border of the falls.

ECCO Electric Ltd., Mulvey & Banani Lighting Inc., Salex Inc., and Sceneworks and Stanley Electric are the firms in charge of the construction. Financial backing for the project was provided by the government, and local Niagara Falls tourism stakeholders in both countries also contributed to the cause. The illumination of the falls has come a long way from when it was first lit in 1860 with 200 calcium, volcanic and torpedo lights. The current system uses 21 xenon spotlights to light up the waterfalls. While the current lighting is good, there was always scope to upgrade to an advanced system for a brilliant effect.

Niagara Falls Illumination Special Events

The proposal for better lighting gained momentum when special events held near the Falls showcased the waterfalls in an all new light. Two such events were the Nik Wallenda high wire walk and Red Bull Crashed Ice. The organisers of the events lit up the falls using their own equipment and the results were incredible. Now, with the powerful new LED system, the nightly illumination of the falls will look even more impressive.

Since the iconic Niagara Falls is a prominent tourist attraction, the Illumination Board hopes to entice repeat tourists as well as first-time visitors with the new lighting. Several visitors flock to vantage points to check out the night-time illumination and soon they can get a spectacular visual of the falls. The new lighting system will be unveiled on December 1, with a special Fireworks display set to take place at 6:25pm. It will definitely add more lustre to the holiday season in Niagara Falls!

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