Niagara Falls on a Rainy Day

Niagara Falls on a Rainy Day

Rain may dampen an outdoor trip to Niagara Falls, but there are still plenty of things to do on a rainy day. Below are 10 things to do during a Niagara Falls Rainy Day.

10 Niagara Falls Indoor Attractions

Butterfly Conservatory

One of the major features of the Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens, the Butterfly Conservatory is an enclosure with 180 metres of walkway, containing over 2000 tropical butterflies of about 45 different species. With a rainforest setting and short video presentations, the conservatory is a full experience.

Fallsview Waterpark

Ok, so you'll still be getting wet on this rainy day at this indoor waterpark. Connected to Fallsview Resort, the Fallsview Waterpark is entirely enclosed and climate-controlled – no small feat for a theme park three acres large and featuring a full array of dizzying waterslides.

The waterpark caters for all ages and paces – the smaller beachside recreations, the open pools in both the classic and wave variety, hot springs, and slides ranging from smaller trips to large sprawling tubes sloshing with water.

Niagara Brewing Company

Craft beer has become a big industry in the Niagara region. The Niagara Brewing Company has carved a big reputation in this new scene with its central location (only 200 metres from the falls), innovative beer range and its kitchen and bar establishment serving the latest blends matched with selected snacks and boutique meals.

Beers on tap at the company include maple wheat blends, icewine beer, peach radlers and the usual ales and lagers.

Arcades along Clifton Hill

Clifton Hill is no secret – it’s the major family and tourist attraction centre. The arcades are the classic embodiment of this. One advantage during a rainy day in Niagara Falls is the ability to 'hop' locations along Clifton Hill, never being out in the rain for too long.

The Great Canadian Midway is 70,000 square feet large and contains about 300 games, from rollercoaster simulators to laser gun games and all the timeless arcade machines you can think of. Captain Jack’s Fun Centre is about as large and comes with a restaurant, sports bar and private rooms. And these two are only scratching the surface of what’s around.

Fallsview Casino

Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls

Opened in 2004, Fallsview has become a jewel in Niagara’s crown. Statistically the largest gaming venue in Canada, the award-winning casino is built to accommodate a huge amount of patrons without strain, and it’s always bustling.

Exclusive bars and game rooms are available for more discerning patrons, and anyone seeking entertainment is in luck with the 1500-seat Avalon Ballroom Theatre showcasing the best in international talent – comedy, music and performance.

Floral Showhouse

A short walk from Niagara Falls, the Floral Showhouse is a long-standing attraction – the Niagara Parks Commission Floral Showcase has been around for over 60 years. The showhouse has an extensive rose garden with ponds and tropical birds. There are eight shows per year, so check the events calendar to see what’s in bloom when you’re in town.

IMAX Niagara

IMAX needs no introduction to most – the massive screens, Niagara’s IMAX being six stories tall, is the apex of the traditional movie experience. A home-grown and immersive film called Niagara: Miracles, Myth and Magic tells the story of the falls, and is yet another rainy day activity that simulates a rainy atmosphere.

Also at Niagara IMAX centre is the Daredevil Exhibit. This is a special collection dedicated to the courageous (or foolhardy, depending on your view) men and women from times past who braved the falls in one way or another. Barrels that daredevils used to send themselves over the waterfall edge are on display.

Niagara’s Fury

The Table Rock Welcome Centre curates several different Niagara educational resources and fun activities or tours – the Niagara’s Fury interactive experience is a deft combination of the two. The high-tech experience places visitors into a specialised theatre room with a 360-degree viewing screen, full surround sound and a platform raised above rushing water. A pancho is provided as you will get lightly rained on during the display.

The video and animation recaps the development of Niagara Falls’ unique geography from the Ice Age onwards. The theatre room adds to the story, moving the platform and filling the chamber with rain and snow when appropriate. (Ponchos are complimentary.)

Escape Rooms

More than ever, the Escape Room concept of being locked with a group inside a puzzle room has become a sought-after activity.

For some examples in Niagara Falls, Adventure Rooms runs two scenarios (as of January 2017, ‘The Missing Finger’ and ‘The Collector’) that offer contextualised puzzles and logic problems for a group to solve. The Crux Escape Room have a ‘Dead Air’ escape room on Victoria Avenue. Both escape room companies claim a success rate between 20–30%, so expect a challenge!

Greg Frewin Magic Show

Magician Greg Frewin has been regularly lauded at one of the best magicians in the world performing today, performing globally and winning just about every international award for his magic shows. He also keeps a regular theatre in Niagara Falls.

With a concert-style series of events – some with Frewin as the centrepiece and others with collaborators and tribute acts – the Greg Frewin Theatre is a Vegas-esque carnival of razzle-dazzle and spectacle.

Don't let a Niagara Falls Rainy Day get you down; as you can see there are still a number of amazing attractions to visit during a down pour.

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