Niagara Falls Summer Festivals

Niagara Falls Summer Festivals

Summer fun is hard to avoid – and who would want to, in a town like Niagara? Beautiful and breathtaking Niagara summers are greeted with enthusiasm and energy. There’s always something, and usually an outdoor festival with local flavour, to check out during the hottest months of the year in Niagara.

Niagara New Vintage Festival

Niagara New Vintage Festival

One of the first regular festivals is the Niagara New Vintage Festival. Set in late June, this regional celebration highlights many of the new-release vintages from the spring just passed and the early summer harvests that have recently finished. Discovery passes are available to the general public, allowing guests to tour regional vineyards and try some of the new selections from forty different wineries. With Canada’s Father’s Day taking place on the third Sunday of June, it also makes a fantastic present for Dad.

Niagara Falls Celtic Festival

Niagara Celtic Festival

Later in the summer is the Celtic Festival, just outside Niagara-on-the-Lake at the Fort George Historical Site. It’s still a young festival, being only a couple of years old, but still ticks all the boxes of a good Celtic mix, with professional musicians accompanying the Niagara Regional Police Pipe and Drum Band for music, dancing and a big selection of kid-friendly events.

Additional festivals take place throughout the summer, continuing the celebration of local produce and making the most out of what comes out Niagara Region.

Peach Festival

Niagara Peach Festival

One example is the Niagara Peach Festival, which takes place in early August in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Live music from top-tier local bands and performers lends energy and atmosphere to an open market set up along Queen Street in the heart of town – with bakers, growers and local cooks all selling peach-related goods.

Niagara Integrated Film Festival

Of course, food and dancing are major festival themes but that’s not the only kind of event in town. The Niagara Integrated Film Festival is just one of many Niagara cultural festivals held throughout the year, and across the whole upper Niagara area it fills local cinemas with contemporary films and presentations. And gourmet cuisine to accompany in ‘Filmalicious’ presentations as well, because the two need not be mutually exclusive.
There are additional festivals to be announced throughout the summer months. Stay tuned to this post via social share or bookmark for future updates.

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