Niagara Farmers Markets - Ontario Fresh

Niagara Farmers Markets - Ontario Fresh

Most of Niagara Falls' tourism is built for the night-owl. To reach out to early-bird guests it is worthwhile to check out the local Farmers Markets, Bazaars, and Ontario Fresh vendors scattered across the Niagara Region.

The Big Three Markets - Niagara Falls, St.Catharines, and Welland

If you're looking for a variety of quality produce, baked goods, fresh meat, and luxurious cheese the big three cities host well-attended markets. Prime time is usually Saturday morning, although new dates and times are added during the summer and fall to deal with the massive influx of fresh fruits and vegetables.

The Kings of Quality and Queens of Kindness

Markets in Niagara wouldn't be as successful as they are without the dedicated vendors and community leaders that rally the locals to the market square. They appeal to the desires of consumers through their specialisations. You'll find that ideas about quality, environmentally friendly, locally sourced, gluten-free, and more go beyond buzzwords and are a part of the daily lives of the market royalty. Want a better price? buy in bulk and often you'll discover that the lowest price is the law.

Niagara-on-the-Lake - Completely Different World

Two words have changed NOTL forever - Food Trucks. The Farmers Market at the Village is host to mobile vendors with a reputation for quality, ingenuity, and innovation. Food from around the world is adapted to fresh Ontario produce and meats to create a unique flavour.

Can't attend in NOTL? Most of the vendors are on the move and frequently attend events at local Wineries, charitable events, and Niagara festivals. Follow them on Twitter or like their pages on Facebook to join this caravan of flavour.

Remember to ask the vendors about their Twitter handles and be a part of the scene.