A Night Out in Niagara Falls

Looking for a great place to hit the town and dance all night long?

These Niagara Falls nightclubs offer you everything you need to have fun plus more..

Hard Rock Nightclub and Patio - The Hard Rock Nightclub takes the world-famous Hard Rock Cafe concept to new heights. Where plush velvet lounge meets state of the art digital multimedia. Check out the Hard Rock Nightclub's Falls Avenue Outdoor Patio - a great spot to cool off while seeing the Falls!

Big Texas Bar and Grill, a new 5,300-square-foot country bar on Ferry St. Opened in early 2012 with the goal to be 'all country, all the time'. The menu also reflects the country theme with barbecued ribs, steaks and other meat all cooked on a large outdoor smoker. The restaurant also features a large outdoor pig roaster, which is used every weekend.

Blush Ultra Nightclub - Blush Ultra Lounge is a full service two floor boutique nightclub located at the top of Clifton hill. Blush Nightclub attracts locals and tourists alike looking to sip on martinis, dance the night away or enjoy VIP bottle service. Enjoy.

Dragonfly Night club - Looking for a different kind of experience in Niagara Falls, try the Dragonfly Nightclub. Get started with table service and enjoy some of the best wine and liqour that Canada has to offer. The table and dancefloor area features Las Vegas style lighting and decor. Remember that in order to get into the club you are responsible for your attire and must match the club dress code.

Visit our night club guide and find the perfect spot for you and your friends!