The Perfect Steak in Niagara Falls

The Perfect Steak in Niagara Falls

Want to know what one of the biggest complaints in Niagara Falls is? That the experience is too expensive. Time to bust some myths surrounding the price of high quality food and wine in Niagara Falls. To stay on topic I'll be using Steak as a reference point for quality and price.

Great Steak is Expensive

The difference in quality between a five dollar steak and forty dollar steak is clear as day to Niagara's top chefs and foodies, for a number of reasons. The Canadian Beef Quality Grade ranks the marbling, maturity, fat colour, and meat texture and represents the best tool that restaurateurs and consumers have to determine the quality of meat. The five dollar steak from the local brew-pub could be a Grade D steak - and you're welcome to look up what that means independently.

Local Beef is Fresh and Likely Grass Fed

One of the factors not typically listed in the Beef Quality Grade is the feedstock and living conditions of the cow or bull prior to colloquially "graduating from bovine university". This practice can effect the quality grade, but it also effects where top Niagara Falls restaurants source their meat from. Ontario farmers in the Greenbelt are more likely to have grass-fed top quality beef that is consistently top-ranked, drought resistant, and delicious. Never forget that your steak should be delicious.

Sauce and Marinade are Optional with Awesome Meat

Want to know the real difference between a good cut of beef and a cheap cut of meat? Try them without any sauce or marinade. This could be difficult since many cheap cuts are pre-flavoured during the manufacturing process, the steak equivalent of bologna. When you get that awesome steak with the salty seared flavour, the smooth beef texture, and the scent that makes you want to give up on beef jerky. The perfect steak in Niagara Falls is the king of meats and has no equivalent and no successor. Stop by the Terrapin Grill and get a little closer to perfection.