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Dec 23
Niagara Falls Erosion

The three waterfalls that make up the view of Niagara Falls dominate the landscape – the falls and the Niagara River are both dominant features of the area.

Dec 16
10 Ways to Spend an Afternoon in Niagara Falls

There are a number of things to do in Niagara Falls for fun and entertainment. Here are 10 wonderful ways to spend an afternoon in Niagara Falls.

Dec 10
Top 5 Holiday Shopping Locations in Niagara Falls

From boutique stores to large outlet malls, Niagara Falls is the perfect location for last minute holiday shopping.

With the Holiday Season in full gear, here is a selection of go-to locations for your Niagara Falls Holiday Shopping.

Dec 02
Niagara Falls Points of Interest

People who visit the city of Niagara Falls have one thing foremost in their minds–to see and experience the splendour of the falls. There are several ways to enjoy this wonder of nature , as well as numerous other attractions that the city has to offer.

Nov 25
Cycling in Niagara

The tremendous diversity of the Niagara region makes it a great place for travel. Cycling is a wonderful way to experience the scenic landscapes, historical monuments and amazing attractions.

Nov 18
Niagara Falls History: Maple Leaf Village

Maple Leaf Village was located near the Rainbow Bridge exit. A kid-friendly amusement park and shopping mall, the site was full of rides and a classic fairground feel.

Nov 11
Niagara Falls Magic Shows

Escape into a world of illusion and feel the magic with some mesmerising magic shows in Niagara Falls. To catch all the tricks, head to these incredibly entertaining shows that will leave you wondering, “How did he do that?”

Nov 04
Comedy Shows in Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls has plenty of entertainment destinations where performing artists and stand-up comedians enthral audiences with their acts. Here are some of the best comedy acts to check out when in Niagara Falls.

Oct 21
McDonalds Monopoly Niagara Falls Piece

McDonald’s Monopoly 2015 recently began in Canada, and this year Niagara Falls is a featured piece.

Oct 07
3D Projection Mapping

Projection mapping has become a growing phenomenon. On the surface the process is easy to achieve with everyday projectors, however elaborate outdoor mapping requires higher-end equipment to increase power and range.

Sep 30
Popular Icewine Wineries

Red and white wines are much in demand in the wineries of Niagara-on-the-Lake but icewines are also becoming increasingly popular.

Sep 23
Border Crossings Near Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls sits on one of the busiest border crossing points between Canada and the United States.


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