Queen Elizabeth in Niagara Falls

Queen Elizabeth in Niagara Falls

Queen Elizabeth has a long and storied history with Niagara Falls, having visited on numerous occasions. Below we recount her relationship with Niagara Falls and Canada, including her most famous visit to the brink of Niagara Falls.

Queen Elizabeth in Niagara Falls

Within the wide umbrella of the United Kingdom, Canada has a unique position. It still recognises the sovereignty of Queen Elizabeth II and regards itself as a constitutional monarchy, but since its formation in 1867 the modern nation of Canada has evolved into a completely independent and autonomous territory, technically a UK member by strict formality only.

And yet, regard for the British royal family has always remained high. The picturesque landscape of southern Canada has made the nation a highly regarded visiting location for English royal family members and public officials. Winston Churchill’s praise for Canada in particular is well-documented.

Although most travelling and affairs within Canada lies solely within the jurisdiction of the relevant governor-general, the current UK monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, has found occasion to visit Canada on numerous occasions during her reign. Some reports claim Canada is the one nation she has visited the most outside of Britain during her reign, although such statements can be hard to quantify for one of the most outgoing heads of state in history. Her most significant visit actually occurred before her coronation, back in 1951 when she was still Princess Elizabeth.

Queen Elizabeth's Popular 1951 Visit

Visiting with the Duke of Edinburgh, the couple embarked on a royal tour to visit several Canadian cities and major communities. Two weeks in, they took a train from Toronto and disembarked in Niagara Falls. Reportedly the weather was on its best behaviour as they arrived on the morning of October 15. After being received by the mayor and a 21-gun salute before immediately being ushered to prepared cars and given a tour of the townships around the falls. By all reports it was a hectic tour – it was no secret that Princess Elizabeth struggled with fatigue at the time – and yet they still found time to visit some of Canada’s smaller towns.

Since 1951, of course, the royal family haven’t been strangers to Canada. The most cited major visits include the Duke and Duchess of York in 1987, and the 1991 tour by Princess Diana with her two sons William and Harry – although that’s just the most iconic occasions of a long and deep relationship between the nation of Canada and the House of Windsor.

While we haven't been able to showcase Queen Elizabeth's 2016 Niagara Falls Visit, you can walk over the same grounds as her during your own Niagara Adventure.

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