Top 5 Things Americans Should Know When Visiting Niagara Falls Canada

Top 5 Things Americans Should Know When Visiting Niagara Falls Canada

Being both a major tourist region, Niagara is designed to accommodate tourists from all over the world. But given that its major tourist attraction sits on the US-Canada border, it stands to reason that the majority of international tourists are American, seeking to view the falls from the Canadian side of the border.

The tourists from the other side of the falls are often well prepared for the trip, or sometimes seeking to border-hop on a whim. In either case, there are things to remember for any US citizens making a fresh visit to Canada which can often be overlooked.

1. Passport

The first thing many US tourists forget – especially when looking to visit on an unplanned or unprepared trip – is clearance to cross the border, in the form of a passport or a pre-approved pass. Regular programs and passes such as the NEXUS program exist for frequent border-hoppers, but all other visitors require a passport and should also have other identification such as a birth certificate and photo ID to make the process easier for Canada’s border services.

2. Canadian Currency

Many tourists also forget is that the Canadian dollar is a completely different currency to the US dollar. Because the two currencies share the same term, it can be a common oversight for American tourists to mistake prices as US currency instead of Canadian. Everything is quoted in Canadian dollars for consistency.

3. English and French Languages

Tourists are often also quickly disoriented in getting around a Canadian town and finding what they need to find. The disorientation often comes down to two common factors. Firstly, as Canada is a nation that embraces its shared French culture, many public signs are also in French.

4. Dunkin Donuts Niagara Falls Canada

Additionally, some companies that are common staples in the US have no presence in Canada. Anyone trying to find a Dunkin Donuts in Ontario will find themselves disappointed. Canada’s similar coffee chain alternative is Tim Hortons. Like Dunkin Donuts in the US, Tim Horton Coffee Shops can be found on almost every major corner in Niagara Falls, Ontario (and throughout much of Canada).

It’s also easy to find a Starbucks, as they are located in many locations (including our on-site Niagara Falls Hotel Starbucks.

5. Washroom vs Bathroom

The US and Canada share many strong similarities due to their shared borders and history. But also just as many differences. Sometimes they’re larger, like the separate currencies. Sometimes they’re smaller differences, like how Canadians saw ‘washroom’ instead of ‘bathroom’.

It’s not expected for tourists to know every little thing, such as some of the examples found above – but as a tourist, make sure you’re prepared and it can make for a more enjoyable experience.

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