Top 5 Things to Do During Winter Festival of Lights

Top 5 Things to Do During Winter Festival of Lights

Niagara Falls is set to shine during the annual Ontario Power Generation Winter Festival of Lights (WFOL). It is Canada’s largest illumination festival and will take place from November 19, 2016 to January 31, 2017.

The Winter Festival of Lights begins with an amazing spectacle-- the opening ceremony--, and continues to offer a variety of activities until Jan 31st. Here are a few of the highlights.

Top 5 Things to do during 2016 Winter Festival of Lights

  1. Opening Ceremony
  2. Stunning illuminated displays will light up the city during the WFOL that kicks off with a grand opening ceremony on November 19. Gather your family and friends and head to Queen Victoria Park for the ceremony that will see incredible performances, wonderful music, amazing costumes, and a brilliant fireworks display above the Falls. It will climax with the flip-the-switch ritual that will illuminate the displays and brighten the city with dazzling colours and lights. Show times are at 6 p.m. & 7 p.m. and the fireworks at 6:40 p.m. & 7:40 p.m. subject to good weather. Entry is free.

  3. Illuminated Displays
  4. Several areas of Niagara Falls will come alive during the WFOL with millions of dazzling LED lights. The most prominent displays will be along a 5 km route that covers the Niagara Parkway, adjoining tourist places such as the Fallsview District, and Dufferin Islands.

  5. Niagara Parkway – Aura Displays
  6. Every year the Niagara Parkway looks like a winter wonderland during the WFOL with its magnificent illuminations. Blue illuminated trees at the base of Clifton Hill, Grandview Christmas Tree with presents, and shimmering blue and red trees in the parkland are some of the displays. Another attraction is the Zimmerman Fountain and the world’s largest illuminated Canadian-American Flag. The three-storey tall flag stands proudly as a witness to the good relations that exist between the two countries. Another fantastic light display can be seen at the historic Toronto Power Generating Station located along the Niagara River.

  7. Dufferin Islands
  8. The Dufferin Islands glow beautifully in the dark with spectacular displays during the WFOL. Several trees on the island look stunning with lovely illuminations. Three dimensional illuminated Canadian wildlife displays at different points on the island are also another highlight. 4’ to 11’ tall geese, moose, bison, deer, polar bears and wolves are some of the displays here. Besides this Sylma, a tower of cascading lights and a spraying water fountain in the pond are major attractions during the WOFL. Entry is free although donations are accepted.

  9. Fallsview District
  10. WFOL Fallsview District

    Enjoy a glittering spectacle at Fallsview District with the Spirit of Niagara Sound & Light Show. It showcases a thematic journey of Niagara with stunning light, music and image displays on the city-facing side of the Oakes Hotel. Niagara’s arts, culture and entertainment are presented through cutting edge digital technology during the show. Another highlight during the WFOL is the iconic Skylon Tower that stands 520 feet tall at street level. The tower looms above the ground in illuminated glory that is powered using state-of-the-art technology. Other gleaming displays in the Fallsview district include lamppost illuminations along Fallsview Boulevard and Stanley Avenue. Lamppost snowflake displays on Murray Hill make an incredible sight as well. Besides this, two pedestrian crosswalks near Fallsview Casino Resort also sparkle and shine with their fabulous illuminated displays.

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