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Travel Brilliantly - Marriott International

Marriott Hotels are undergoing a sweeping upgrade to their services and technologies. Part of this upgrade includes you - our guest. Great ideas can come from anywhere and Marriott International is listening and learning from seasoned travellers, couples, families, and everyone in between about what makes a next gen hotel experience.

Change is Constant - Expect More

The era that promoted colour television and air-conditioning is over. Essentials like Wi-Fi, In-room apps, on-demand video are a part of the recent changes. Now that anybody in the lobby can access a plug for their laptop they don't need it. Everyone is using their smartphone and they demand faster connections. Fast Wi-Fi connections arrived in time for 3G service. The next big innovation will be user driven and requires the coordination of thousands of Marriott employees. The new Marriott Hotel is ready for electric vehicles, foodies, social media gurus, and you. Your Marriott Awaits - just tweet us your preferences.

Next Gen Niagara Falls - Smartphones and Social Media

In Niagara Falls the Kodak and Minolta cameras have been replaced with iPhone and Android devices. Smartphones are an essential part of the new Niagara Falls experience. Capture your memories with a full recharge at the Marriott Fallsview. Discover great local activities through the Niagara Falls Events Calendar. Check out our personal favourites on the Niagara Falls Pinterest Board. Get rapid updates about the weather, events, and daily life through the Marriott Fallsview Twitter Account

Share your Ideas on

Post your ideas online through the Marriott Travel Brilliantly portal ahead of the major rebranding and have an impact on the future of travel. Don't have any new ideas? vote on the existing ones and support users that expect more.