Tribute Bands in Niagara This Fall

1964 Tribute Band

Niagara Falls is a town with ample opportunities for premier musical acts and performances, with world-class performers flown in on a regular basis. But when the musical greats aren’t in town, there are plenty of great tribute bands that fill the void and provide a fantastic night’s entertainment.

2112 (Rush) The original Rush have only recently announced their touring days may be over, but the iconic Canadian Rock band lives on through tribute bands like 2112, who give their all emulating Rush’s iconic live performances. 2112 will be performing at the Seneca Queen Theatre for one night only, on September 29th.

Practically Hip (Tragically Hip) the home-grown Ontario rock band have been major players since the early 80s; their 16 Juno Awards make them the 4th highest collector of the accolade in the award’s history. The tribute band Practically Hip has been around since 1997 and prides itself on energy and authenticity. The band is pulling out all the stops for their October 14th performance at the Seneca Queen Theatre.

PIGS (Pink Floyd) Pink Floyd were at their peak during the 1970s, and tribute band PIGS draws from that creative force to recreate the best of the band’s indomitable style. PIGS will be performing at the Seneca Queen Theatre on October 18th.

1964 (The Beatles)These musicians aren’t just avid fans of The Beatles; Rolling Stone has called them the best Beatles tribute band on Earth. This group has performed to acclaim around the world, nailing the look and style of the Beatles to immaculate detail. Their one performance in Niagara will be at the Greg Frewin Theatre on October 15th, and as with many of their shows part of the proceeds will go to charity.

Destroyer (KISS) 70s era KISS was a powder keg of energy and rock-opera panache, and the tribute band Destroyer has embraced that excess in shows around the world for 23 years. They’ll don the iconic face paint for a show at the Seneca Queen Theatre on October 21st.

Hot Rocks (Rolling Stones) It helps when your lead even looks like Mick Jagger, but Hot Rocks has been going strong for ten years and is considered Canada’s foremost tribute to the Rolling Stones. They’ll be performing at the Seneca Queen Theatre on November 18th.