Visit Niagara Golf Courses

Niagara Golf Courses

Niagara’s known for a lot of things; wine, local produce, the falls themselves, and so on. ‘Golf courses’ may not be everyone’s first thought when considering Niagara Falls, but make no mistake – Niagara’s courses are among the best in Canada, and worthy of global recognition.

For a visiting golfer keen to experience the very best the region has to offer, the best starting option is the Niagara Golf Trail. The trail is a tour of seven golf courses and clubs open to some degree to public play and rated as among the strongest picks. They include:

Beechwood a gentle rolling course with some water hazards and a couple of nasty surprises for the unwary – the club itself warns of something only referred to as the ‘Beechwood Triangle’.

Grand Niagara ranked at the best fully public course in Niagara, this course is moderate in difficulty and designed to be accessible to players of all levels – a great starting point.

John Daly’s Thundering Waters co-designed by golfer John Daly and Canadian golf architect Bo Danoff, Thundering Waters is both beautiful and deadly, with plenty of slopes and hand-crafted hazards.

Legends on the Niagara just off the Niagara Parkway, Legends is a full facility of gold courses both long and short.

Royal Niagara undulating greens, pristine fairways, cavernous bunkers, and abundant water will challenge and please every level of golfer.

Whirlpool a famous course used for professional tournaments for decades, the Whirlpool course has the Niagara Gorge and Whirlpool as its backdrop.

But many of these options are great destinations in their own right. Legends on the Niagara, operated by Niagara Parks Golf, is a multi-course complex: the water-and-sand rollercoaster of Battlefield, the traditional park style of Ussher’s Creek and the smaller Chippawa course offering a quick, light round.
Whether you try the full Niagara Golf Trail, pick out any of its courses for individual play-throughs or explore the other dozens of courses available, in Niagara region.