What To Do This March Break!

If you plan on visiting Niagara Falls for March Break and want some fun activities to do, we have got the list for you. Whether you want to be adventurous or relaxed during your trip these activities will make everyone in the family happy!

Niagara Falls Illumination

Watch the Falls lit up in the colours of the rainbow and bring out the kids during the evening for this unique event. From March 9 to March 31 the Falls will be illuminated Monday to Thursday from 8:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. In the month of March, the Niagara Falls are lit until midnight on Friday to Sunday.

IMAGINE Magic Show

The IMAGINE Magic Show at the Greg Frewin Theatre will be performed twice a day for March Break. With fascinating magic chairs that will shock the whole family, see the magic show live with tigers and all!

Butterfly Conservatory

During March you can capture Swamp Creatures at the Butterfly Conservatory which includes snakes, spiders, turtles, and much more! If you want to visit the Conservatory for the butterflies, both activities include educational programs for the whole family.

Whirlpool Aero Car

This activity unique to Niagara Falls is opening up in mid-March just in time for the break.With its abrupt direction changes over the Niagara River, hover over the whirlpool with the family and get prepared to be fascinated.

Journey Behind the Falls

Experience the Falls where they hit the Niagara River as you take a journey below and behind Niagara Falls. Feel the mist and get up close and personal with the Falls as they tumble from 13 storeys above!