Winter Festival of Lights - Korean Lanterns

Winter Festival of Lights - Korean Lanterns Photo Courtesy Kurtis McCartney

The addition of the Korean Lanterns to the Winter Festival of Lights in Niagara Falls has not been without controversy. Changing traditions has been a steady theme over the last couple of years in Niagara Falls. As the new lanterns come to life in glowing radiance along the Niagara Parkway there are still dozens of classic rope light displays, tree wraps, and tree orb displays. According to most of our guests, the new lanterns are better, brighter, and more fun than the old two-dimensional light displays.

New Tradition in Niagara Falls

From the time that the Maid of the Mist closed in Niagara Falls, Ontario - followed by other major changes along the Niagara parkway 2013 has been marked by change. This new era of change in Niagara falls has ushered in great new technologies that attempt to keep the spirit of Niagara Falls alive for a new generation. New boats, new lights, new restaurants, and new guests are all part of the new Niagara Falls.

Winter Festival of Lanterns

The traditional lights are still present along much of the park, however with the departure of a major festival partner there was a need for new displays. The Korean Jinju Lantern Festival rushed some of their best lanterns across the Pacific Ocean to arrive in time for the grand opening ceremonies on Saturday November 9th, 2013. The lanterns are the first major change to the festival since the addition of LED displays.

The Price is Right - No Doors, No Fees

The Winter Festival of Lights is a predominantly outdoor experience