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Dec 18
Shopping in Niagara Falls

Are you a last minute holiday shopper?

Have you left your holiday shopping until the last minute again?

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Dec 10

Giant Gingerbread House Now on Display!

For the third year in a row, the Executive Chef and Executive Sous Chef of the Terrapin Grille at the Marriott Fallsview Hotel & Spa have created a Gingerbread house masterpiece!

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Dec 04

Winter Fun in Niagara Falls!

So many activities and attractions to take part in this Winter around the Falls!

Niagara Ice Wine Festival January 10-26, 2014 - If you're interested in buying tickets, visit the NWF website

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Nov 18
Winter Festival of Lights - Korean Lanterns Photo Courtesy Kurtis McCartney

Winter Festival of Lights - Korean Lanterns

The addition of the Korean Lanterns to the Winter Festival of Lights in Niagara Falls has not been without controversy. Changing traditions has been a steady theme over the last couple of years in Niagara Falls.

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Nov 07
Winter Treats at the Marriott

Winter Treats at the Marriott

Even though Marriott Hotels can be found in all of the corners of the world we like to believe that the Niagara Falls Marriott is one of the best, especially during the beautiful Canadian Winter.

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Nov 05
Marriott Staff are At Your Service

Marriott Staff are At Your Service

Marriott Niagara Falls employs over 500 people across multiple hotel, restaurant, and spa properties.

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Oct 30

Perfect time for Autumn Soup

Autumn in Canada means a brilliant display of leaves turning red, orange or yellow, or all three. Farmers’ markets are also full of colour, with root vegetables, hearty greens and the fruits of fall.
Here’s a menu that brings all of this to your plate.

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Oct 22

A Night Out in Niagara Falls

Looking for a great place to hit the town and dance all night long?

These Niagara Falls nightclubs offer you everything you need to have fun plus more..

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