Niagara Wineries

Get the most of your Niagara Falls Vacation by visiting these Niagara Wineries. Some of the best in the world.

Jackson Triggs Winery

Established in 1993 within Niagara-on-the-Lake, Jackson Triggs Winery is committed to the production of wines unique to the terroir.

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Inniskillin Winery

quires freezing cold temperatures. It has to be constantly below minus eight degrees Celsius for the grapes to be harvested. Since 1984, Inniskillin has mastered the process and gone on to win sev

Two Sisters Winery

The Two Sisters estate is located just outside of Niagara-on-the-Lake, opposite Paradise Grove Park. Wines here are designed to celebrate varietal character with simple but effective blends.

Trius Winery by Hillebrand

The winemakers at Trius Winery had a dream to create a wine that would set a new benchmark for winemaking in Niagara-on-the-Lake, and in 1989 Trius Winery was born. Recently renovated, Trius Winery provides both a wine and culinary journey like no other. A visit to Trius Winery at Hillebrand Estates is an unrushed sensory experience.

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Thirty Bench Winery

Thirty Bench Winery is a producer of quality wines grown exclusively on estate vineyards in the Beamsville Bench appellation, a premium winegrowing region on the Niagara Peninsula. Many Thirty Bench wines are rare and hard to find, but they are even harder to forget.

Sunnybrook Winery

Looking beyond grapes to produce wines from berries, stone and tree fruit is what makes Sunnybrook Farm Estate Winery unique.

Strewn Winery

With a wonderful combination of wine as well as food, Strewn Winery is a good place to taste some lovely award-winning wines.

Stratus Vineyards

Stylish. Elegant. Warm. Something to see and something to share. Whether it's a casual visit or a formal event, Stratus Vineyards welcomes you to a place, to an experience and to wines well worth remembering.

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